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HAM / Amateur Radio - Integrating the Linux and Radio worlds together

I've just started my journey into understanding the facinating and complicated world of amateur radio. I learned touch of the theory in some of my Electrical Engineering classes but Amateur (or HAM) radio makes it a lot more practical or "real world". This is something you can actually learn and play with!

There is a lot of powerful software available for Linux (though there is sometimes more for Windows). I'm working on fixing that a bit but the following documents will hopefully help other Linux-savvy HAMs!

Raspberry Pi logo Raspberry Pi Setup with System hardening for APRS & AX.25 Packet Project
  • This is a document details the differences of the varous Raspberry Pi SBCs including the Rpi5, CM4, 400, 4, 3+, 3, 2, Zero-W2, Zero-W, Zero, 1+ and 1
  • Guides the user A to Z to loading the Raspberry Pi OS image onto an SD card (includes details for Bookworm / Debian 12, Bullseye, Buster, Stretch and Jessie releases)
  • Recommendation for Linux hardening including SD card write minimization, IPv4 and IPv6 firewalls, and other aspects security hardening
  • Building native Linux AX.25 support as well as the Linpac AX.25 application
  • Augmented start/stop scripts to include support for the Direwolf soft-TNC, TNC-Pi, and Kenwood D710/D72/D74 hardware TNCs
  • Support for GPS get location for both APRS support and setting the system's date/time
  • Support for using Bluetooth-based TNCs like the Kenwood TH-D74 wireless BT keyboards
  • Simultaneously act as both a Wifi client and Wifi AP for direct SSH access from say a Smartphone
  • Add a 20x4 LCD display, a graceful shutdown button, I2C-based RTC clock, PWM fan control, email based notifications, full image backups
  • Includes some notes on also adding the following (work in progress): --
  • Browse the Rpi doc's file directory tree to see / fetch the individual files used in this doc
  Updated: 03/05/24

* Ham radio Software on Centos Linux :

* A packet station map across California and Nevada 145.050 (and others) packet network:

* Northern California 145.050 Mhz packet radio detail:

* KI6ZHD's Intro to Packet Radio

This Getting Started with Packet Radio document consists of:

* TNC Cheatsheets

Here is some of cheatsheets for various hardware TNCs to get people quickly running:

* K4GBB's FBB Packet BBS documentation mirror - An authorized mirror of Charles S Schuman's FBB documentation that went offline ( http://k4gbb.no-ip.info )

* K9DCI's APRS Beginner Guide v5.1.M [pdf]

* A new technology for Amateur Radio:
Next-Generation Packet Radio (NPR) - A TCP/IPv4 modem for Amateur Radio on 70cm UHF [pdf] | [odp]

* Fifth follow-on Bay-net presentation on
Yaesu System Fusion Q1 2020 [pdf] | [pptx]


* Fourth follow-on Bay-net presentation on Yaesu System Fusion [pdf] | [pptx]


* Third follow-on Bay-net presentation on
Yaesu System Fusion 3rd Updates [pdf] | [odp] [ppt]


* Bay-net presentation on
HF Digital modes - What / When / Where / Why [pdf] | [odp]


* Follow-on Bay-net presentation on Yaesu System Fusion Updates [pdf] | [odp]


* Intro Bay-net presentation on
Yaesu System Fusion & c4fm [pdf] | [odp]


Linux and Amateur Radio - Opening Doors without Windows [pdf] or [odp] - pacificon 2013 presentation covering many ham radio applications available for linux. lots of screen shots, videos, and getting hams to check out andy's ham radio livecd for learning more.


Internet VoIP Linking for Amateur Radio - A VoIP presentation covering the history, solutions, and demos of IRLP over RF, Echolink over RF, Echolink via a Smartphone, and D*star over RF.


G35'ed Kenwood D710 - Custom, minimal modification install of a Kenwood D710 into an Infiniti G35 with an ARES/RACES GoKit twist


* Repairing an MFJ969 Roller-inductor tuner - My MFJ 969 roller inductor tuner was having intermittent high SWR issues and thus I was getting S9+40db to S4 signal reports. These pages describe how I diagnosted and fixed the problem... for now.


US Interface Navigator and Linux - Many HAMs have heard of the simple and inexpensive SignaLink USB-sound device for HAM radio. What all HAMs should also learn about is the superior US Interface Navigator USB sound device. It supports more than just AFSK modes but it supports FSK modes and WinKeyer CW modes too! This document fully documents how to bring a Navigator into your Linux shack!


* California Hands Free - Mobile HAM radio is legal - This document helps you EDUCATE California law enforcement about NOT being able to ticket you for using a mobile HAM radio.


* ARRL's TravelPlus 2009-2010 software - KI6ZHD's thoughts and screen shots on ARRL's Repeater mapping and guide software that can integrate into Delorme StreetAtlas and some vendor's memory programming software.


* KI6ZHD's Pskmeter Modifications - Here are some pictures of the fabulous little KF6VSG PSKmeter and some of the simple mods I made to the unit


* Field Day - 2010 - PARAA - An ultra high-energy FieldDay experience!

Pictures and Audio Captures



As with most learning HAMs, there are a few topics that domintate all others in terms of disagreements between HAMs but few top grounding. Why? Lots of opinions, different designs work differently for different people, etc. This fantastic (and huge) presentation from K9YC covers what you need to know comes with full diagrams, circuit diagrams, signal plots, etc. Topics include:

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