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Who is David Ranch anyway?

I'm currently back at Juniper Networks in a mixed role working on MX and M-Series in a engineering role. Specifically, I'm working on managing the Dev-test, automation, and SVN integration efforts for MX, M, and BRAS features. A complex but *very* talented group across both Sunnyvale,CA and in India. Prior to that, I was managing the technical marketing engineering (TME) group for the swiss-army knife product that is the Branch SRX product line with brilliant engineers across the globe.

Prior, I worked for Zvents.com as the Director of Operations. That group was responsible for keeping the production and corporate networks humming along. Zvents was one the top-ten largest Ruby on Rails shops on the Internet running large Linux farms. Other technologies we run is Lucene, Solr, Hypertable, MySQL, Memcache, etc. You name it, they were running it!

Juniper Logo My previous employer was Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, CA. At Juniper, I worked in several positions: ran the Platform Engineering labs for Security Products and the "Proof of Concept" lab. Both positions involved testing of features, performance and interoperability with other vendors using technologies like MPLS, BGP, ISIS, CoS, etc. for our clients.

I specialize in Linux, core and edge networking tecnologies and system security. At the core of networking, its BGP, ISIS, OSPF, MPLS, ATM, OC-48+, etc. In security, it's Linux, Windows, and a bit of FreeBSD and Solaris. I also work with single / multiple factor authentication servers (SecurID, Defender, etc). Finally, I used to dabble in building PCs for my consulting business, Trinity Designs.

I graduated in Computer Engineering at California State University, Chico in the spring of 1996.

* Grab my GNUPG 1.4.3 self-signed public key.

My most recent :: VERY dated resume (Updated: 10/30/02):



Some Personal background:

* I was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1971 while my father was stationed where with the U.S. Army. We moved to San Carlos, CA in 1973 where my family settled down and I attended White Oaks Elementary, Central Middle, Serra High School (class of 90'), and Chico State.

* My immeadiate family consists of my wife Sharon (Seils) who is a registered Professional Civil Engineer and my daughter, Elizabeth. My father, Lewis (sk), was a retired Army colonel and corporate life insurance consultant. My mother, Margery, retired from the Executive Director position for the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce. I have two brothers: the eldest is Jeff who works for Imation (formerly 3M Corporation) where he manages the ERP aspects of computer data cartridges. Chris, my middle brother, is the Director of LAN Switching for a division of Nokia. He specializes in building data centers.

* Some of my hobbies include:

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