KI6ZHD's Installation of an Alpha Delta DX-CC parallel dipole Antenna


Stock DX-CC Assumptions:


Radio connection:

RFI Choke

Here is an initial SWR sweep of the DX-CC antenna as it stands today: [ xls ][ pdf ]

Antenna Pictures:

Image #1 - This overview picture shows the installation as it stands today. The tree on the left (tree #1) is the left-most anchor tree. Tree #2 is the center point of the antenna and is a bit lower than tree #1.

Image #2 - This is the right-of-center point antenna installation overview shot. Notice that from the center point to the last tree (tree #5), the 80m dipole goes up a bit. Not sure if this is a problem

Image #3 - This shows the center-point of the antenna, the choke, and the parallel dipoles. This pictures shows the spacers being a bit tilted but it's not clear if that's a problem

Image #4 - This shows the center point of the antenna next to tree #2's trunk, the RFI choke, the pulley, etc. It should be noted that the RFI choke is also tied into the center-point's hanging hold to minimize any coax connector strain between the center point and the choke. It's unclear if this close proximity is a problem.

Image #5 - This shows the left-side of the parallel dipole is not 100% vertical. Not sure if this is a problem

Image #6 - This shows the right-most air coil on the 80m dipole and it's proximity to the tree trunk, etc.

Image #7 - This shows the MFJ 969 Deluxe Versa Tuner II roller inductor tuner that can't handle high SWR antennas on 80 and 160m. Something to note for other HAMs as this unit supports ladder and random wire modes yet there is NO way this tuner can deal with them.