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Remote Access technologies with ML/PPP Performance - Squeezing out all the performance you can

The Point-to-Point protocol (PPP - RFC 1661) is an amazing technology that with a remote access connetion ( modes, ISDN, ADSL, etc) makes your machine become part of the Internet. The problem is that with all the added functionality, the processing overhead can slow down your link. But wait! There are things you can do to optimize the link as best as you can. This site covers topics such as serial UARTS, MTU settings, 56Kb/s modems, ISDN, xDSL, and cablemodem technologies. This page also covers optimal settings for many popular TCP/IP stacks

xDSL: The next generation of high speed remote access for the masses

More on this topic as I can get to it.

56k modems: New 56k modems are here!

Recently, a friend sent me an e-mail asking about the new 56k modems and which one I recommended. Here is my detailed reply:

ML/PPP for Linux: The Choice of the GNU Generation!

*Old Stuff*: Windows95 setup document for CSU, Chico's Netblazers


(serial port hardware, MTU calculation, and PPP optimizations for most standard PPP stacks, Netmanage Chameleon, FTP OnNet, and Trumpet WinSock):

Serial Port Driver Updates:
Serial Port UART Upgrades:
Serial Port DTE Speed Optimization:
TCP/IP Stack PPP MTU/MRU optimization:
All I can say is play with it, do some benchmarks of FTP's, cat'ing some text files in a telnet session, and time them all.

NetManage's Chameleon:

Trumpet WinSock:

Trumpet (aka TCPMAN) is a shareware SLIP/PPP package that is very flexable, affordable and reliable. The only problems I have experienced with Trumpet is that the 2.0b version is not compatible with Shiva's older LanRover products but the newer versions ARE compatible. Trumpet v2.0b is a nice package since it allows users to use it after the 30 day shareware licence has expired. The new version of Trumpet (currently 2.1f) is much better in terms of performance but once 30 days goes by, the software refuses to run unless you register it.

The makers of Trumpet have now come out with a 32-bit version of their stack that seems to perform better than Windows 95's included stack and its easier to configure too! Go ahead and check out Trumpet's WWW site for more info.

    While TCPMAN is loaded, goto FILE and then setup. The TCP MTU, TCP RWIN, and TCP MSS should be all calculated from the above for optimal performance. So, you should have at LEAST the following:


FTP Corporation's Pc/TCP TCP/IP stack has been long reknown for their high performance software. Currently, there is: The major advantage to this TCP/IP is that its kernel based. Your able to make significant alterations to buffers, window sizes, etc that can make a dramatic performance difference. Though I don't use Pc/TCP for modem PPP connections, here are my kernel optimizations to make TCP/IP fly on a Ethernet network:
In your PCTCP.INI file, make the following changes and/or additions
   to each section:


One note about Pc/TCP: I've never been a massive fan of their FTP and TELNET clients. But since they are Winsock-compatible, you can use a shareware client but get all the performance!!!
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