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5. Software URL download map and checklist

5.1 Master site for all Internet RFCs:

5.2 The Master IANA site

5.3 Master site for all known Internet Trojan ports

5.4 Distribution Sites and Update MIRRORS:

Any Service Packs, security patches, etc. for your installed Slackware or Redhat distribution(s)

Mandrake Updates:

Redhat Updates:

5.5 Newest stable kernel or





5.6 IP NAT, MASQ, Load Balancing, and High Availability tools

MASQ E-mail list : By far the BEST way to get MASQ-help (very helpful!!)

Linux IP Masq

2.4.x kernels

2.2.x kernels

2.0.x kernels

5.7 PPP - v2.4.3 (not needed for most cable modem users)

Primary site:

5.8 ML/PPP

5.9 PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) : Needed for some DSL and Cablemodem users

Very popular user-space client : Primary Site:

Kernel-Space client known for somewhat better performance:

Some other informational URLs as well:

5.10 Diald v1.00 (not needed for cable modem users)

Diald is now maintained by a new author and site:


Download the original Diald and Diald patches (Diald v0.16.5)

5.11 Bind / Named current: 9.3.1 and 8.4.6


Versions: 9.2.2 requires non-vulnverable OpenSSL code. It's also recommend to download both the source code /and/ the associated .asc PGP signature for that version of BIND.

RPMs: Finding new RPMs for the newest versions of Bind isn't very easy. Once place you might have luck is the CONTRIB area of sites like Redhat and Mandrake. Those RPMs seem to work fine but some people do NOT trust someone else's compiled code, so, it's your choice.

You can also find a chroot-ed version of bind here:

Announcement list:

Send email to with "subscribe" in the subject field.

5.12 Vlock (stock in Redhat if installed)

5.13 Network Sniffers

- TCPDUMP (stock in Redhat if installed) - Excellent network packet sniffer or

- IPtraf - Excellent high level network protocol watcher

- Current 2.7.0

- EtherReal - An excellent GUI decoder

- Current 0.10.11

5.14 Sendmail current: v8.13.4, v8.12.11, and v8.11.7

Both Sendmail 8.12.9 and 8.11.7 are secure though they have a problem with the "smrsh" shell. TrinityOS doesn't use this but if you are concerned about it, a patch is available. Currently, if you plan to use 8.11.x, you need to run 8.11.7 secure it from a few recently found remote root exploits.

RPMs: The newest Sendmail is NOT available in RPM form from but it IS in Redhat's CONTRIB area. It seems to work fine but some people do NOT trust someone else's compiled code, so, it's your choice.

Announcement list:

Send an email to majordomo@Lists.Sendmail.ORG with the text "subscribe sendmail-announce" in the body of the message.

5.15 POPAuth

I have taken over ownership of these documents but haven't had a chance to post them yet. If you would like to get a copy of them, please email me

For allowing remote POP-3 clients to be able to use the SMTP server to send email.

5.16 Virtual Email domains

To support multple email domains w/ Sendmail, Qmail, etc check out:

5.17 DHCP Server - DHCPd v3.0.2


RFC Info:

Legacy Info:


5.18 DHCP Client


dhclient v3.0.2 comes with the server code above

DHCPcd 1.3.22-p14:

Other DHCP info:

A HOWTO specific to the RoadRunner Cablemodem setup, but it's still a good site:

5.19 WU-FTP v2.6.2 - with multiple patches



5.20 NetWatch

5.21 Getdate (NTP) - v1.2 (Was SETTIME)

5.22 NTP Clock Sources

5.23 Tape Back up:

- BRU (it's not free but it's the best Linux backup software out there IMHO. This is one place you just CAN'T skimp!) Recommended!

5.24 Mozilla v1.7.8 ( Netscape is dead)

Original Mozilla (deprecated) - 1.7.8 Firefox - 1.0.4 Thunderbird - 1.0.2

5.25 SSH

Commonly used BSD licensed OpenSSH client/server (totally free) - current: 4.0p1

Original Commercial client/server (free for Linux :: for now) - current:

Additional UNIX SSH tunneling URLs:

5.26 MDADM and Raidtools

MDADM v1.11.0):

Good but old info on Linux RAID:

Raidtools (DEPRECATED) 1.00.3:

5.27 Samba current: 3.0.14a (stock in most distros if installed)

Also, they have great docs at

5.28 PCMCIA Services - 3.2.8

5.29 UPS software - APCUPSd and Powerchute

Original and quite nice APCUPSd open-source daemon - v3.10.17a: or

Official APC Powerchute for Linux - v4.5.3 - Free closed-source daemon with excellent Xwindows support:

5.30 Apache WWW server - 2.0.54 and 1.3.33

Standard Apache: or

SSL-encrypted Apache:

5.31 File Integrity testing/Monitoring


Tripwire has gone OpenSource for LINUX! Woohoo! Though it isn't available quite yet, it will be there soon:

Also, as of v2.2.1, Tripwire now runs on Glibc.

You can also get the older versions here:


AIDE is a GNU version of Tripwire - v0.10


ViperDB is another GNU version of Tripwire

5.32 RPM update tools:

AutoRPM current version:

The Perl module "Libbet"

RPM Watch current version: 1.1

(does not work for Redhat 5.2+) [Will be phased out]

RPMLevel (from the author of RPMWatch)

5.33 Mkisofs

5.34 Compression tools

BZip2 :

5.35 Bash HOWTO Also see Section 42 in TrinityOS

5.36 Dial-In Server HOWTO


Project home page: or

SWAN email list:


Download the IPSec code from:


Works ?


Other Mini-HOWTOs:

5.38 PPTP VPNs and client software

5.39 PGP Email Encryption

5.40 Serial consoles and Remote TELNET

5.41 IP logger

5.42 Hardware Performance Tuning:

5.43 Security Documentation, Tools, and Resources

Various Security Mailing lists and documentation

The Linux Security HOWTO

Logging tools:

- Nmap - v3.81 :

- Nessus - 2.24 :

- COPS (old)

- Saint (new version of Satan)

- SATAN (Old)



- Solar buffer-overflow fixer

- Kurt Seifried's Linux Administrators Security Guide (LASG)

- Ofir Arkin's paper on ICMP protocol fingerprinting

- Other URLs:

Test Exploits:

Test Exploits:

Test Exploits:

Test Exploits:

Security Alerts: Subscribe to BugTraq at mailto://LISTSERV@NETSPACE.ORG

More Security:

- Abacus Security Initiative

Includes host_sentry, port_sentry and logchecker.

- Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Tools SHADOW (SANS)



- Network Flight Recorder

Setup HOWTO:

NFR software:

NFR ID Attack ID Packages:

5.44 WWW proxy (Apache or Squid)

5.45 WWW Ad banner filtering


Example filter:

5.46 Zip drive

5.47 Linux Applications:

5.48 Linux Games:


5.49 Linux Instant Messenger clients:

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