Linux FBB Documentation

This is an adaptation of the original documentation which includes the DOS and Windows versions.
The DOS and Windows instructions have been removed and the Linux content updated and expanded.

Charles S. Schuman, K4GBB

Updated 2 May 2017


Welcome to the documentation for FBB BBS software. This documentation was originally designed for on line use on Internet, but is now also available for local use in your own web-browser. The documentation consists of many parts, and much has been written by other authors than myself. If you find any mistakes in the documentation, please let me know!
73 de Per,


By Jean-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB

I would like to particularly thank Patrick F5GHV who was my first "official" beta-tester.

I also must thank Per LA6CU, who helps me from many years to set up this software, debugging and documentation, as well as Claude F1CDC, the"dumb individual", who, with his advices and criticism (often vitriolic!), has given his support in this task.

I would like to thank, as well, all the beta-test team and all the programmers for the development of applications and complementary tools for this software. Such a support made me free of these tasks, very often ingrate.

I thank again all the SYSOPS and users who are confident in the product, and cooperate, thanks to their comments and suggestions, in improving this BBS software package.

I would like, at the end, to thank WA8DED for the excellent piece of software, the Host-Mode for the TNC, and also NORD><LINK for the additions made to it.